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Talking Histories with Humphreys and Reed - Historical Fiction: Fragments of a Woman with Dr Emma Venables (July 2023)


Interview with Dr Katharina Uhde about my Practice-Based Research (November 2022)















'Indecent', 'Forbidden', 'Taboo': Representing Lesbians in Fiction about the Holocaust/Nazi Era

(Holocaust Resource Centre, Kean University, November 2021, Zoom)


Drawing on her own creative practice and research, fiction writer and academic Dr. Emma Venables will guide participants through aspects to consider when representing lesbian characters and relationships in fiction set during the Holocaust/Nazi era. Participants will gain an understanding of the social and political context, the moral and ethical issues of such representation; and have a chance to reflect on their own experiences of representations of lesbian characters/relationships set during this era.


Co-presented by the Holocaust Resource Center, Theatre Conservatory, Kean University Prism, and the Women’s and Gender Studies Program of Kean University.

You can watch a recording of this talk below:

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