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Fragments of a Woman


"Fragments of a Woman is a compelling and immersive read that stands as a powerful tribute to the strength and determination displayed by women during one of history’s darkest periods."

- Gemma June Howell, Nation Cymru


Fragments of a Woman tells the story of five women as they navigate life in National Socialist Berlin.


Ingrid puts her life at risk when she tries to save her beloved daughter from her husband’s zealous beliefs. Liesel marries Volker in hopes that they can feign the ideal heterosexual marriage and, in doing so, protect each other from persecution. Greta, spurned by Liesel and lost, joins the Resistance, then disappears. Gisela, once contentedly in control of her own destiny, is incarcerated at Ravensbrück, where she must fight for a future she cannot yet imagine. While Lore, craving a life beyond Berlin, wifedom and motherhood, steps down a dark and dangerous path. 

You can read an extract from Fragments of a Woman over at Elsewhere: A Journal of Place.





Praise for Fragments of a Woman


“A remarkable and memorable book, filled with hard light and raw love.” Katie Munnik, author of The Aerialists

“An incredibly assured debut... a moving and evocative portrait of women's lives lived in the shadows of fascism and war.”— Ben Fergusson, author of The Spring of Kasper Meier


“A novel that chronicles with an unwavering eye and sharp empathy the daily horrors of war.” — Douglas Cowie, author of Noon in Paris, Eight in Chicago  


“Strong and original... heart-breaking.” — Jane Fraser, author of Advent

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